We help rebels and dreamers build radical online businesses.

Past Projects

Case study: QR Connect
Case study: Deliveryby.bike, an ordering system for bike couriers
Case study: Tākaro, the Te Reo Māori card game
Case study: Kaivolution
Case Study: Taku Wairua
Case Study: Easy Time Auditor


  • Top-notch app development!

    Customer Testimonial
    Eliot Jessep
    Founder at Game Kings
  • Rikus is not an axe murderer!

    Customer Testimonial
    Katie Scott
    Production Manager
  • Rikus is trustworthy, dependable, and innovative. Thanks for all your help Rikus,

    Customer Testimonial
    Thomas Nabbs
    Founder/Director at The Waterboy
  • Zelta are a huge asset for us. Timely, well-crafted apps and dev with good comms.

    Customer Testimonial
    Dan Webster
    Founder & Director at Ingot
  • Thanks for helping us automate one of our key data and reporting areas.

    Customer Testimonial
    Ingrid Neuman
    Senior Business Analyst

Our Story

The crazy few who think they can change the world are the ones that always do. They listen, find out what people want, figure out how to create it, and show a new path forward; starting movements and leading to change. Our purpose is to find more of these crazy few and help them succeed!


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Rikus Wiehahn
Founder, Designer & Developer
"Rikus is most happy when building cool things that have the potential to make a positive impact on the wider community."


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