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Why I started Zeltta


I have a big passion for the underdog, because I've often been one. My parents moved to New Zealand from South Africa in the late 90s to start a new life. In school, I was a weird foreign kid and got bullied early on for not fitting in. As a result, I became a bit of a contrarian, often getting into trouble due to issues with authority and conformity. I've always had a dream of finding a way to help small, hungry outsiders take on and beat the 'big guys'.

Failed beginnings

In 2017, together with a good friend I started Offload, an app designed to facilitate easy ordering of local services. Despite our best efforts, we lacked the technical skills to build a world-class online business, plus we were too broke, and too inexperienced in business to get it off the ground.


Offload App screens

Another shot

I spent the next two years working hard on my skill-set and saving up to have another shot. A series of weirdly timed events pushed me into starting Zeltta in February 2020. I had to resign from my job in NZ and go to South Africa due to issue's with my girlfriend's visa. Then while in South Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world forcing everyone into lock-down - we caught the last flight home to NZ. Upon arrival, I was put into forced quarantine for two weeks and wrote the majority of Zeltta's code during this time!


My mission is to to bring game-changing ordering capabilities to small businesses and freelancers. And I want to do this with a group of genuine people, in a culture of competence, transparency, independent thinking, and excitement.


Rikus Wiehahn - Founder

If you'd like to get in touch please send me an email to rikus@zeltta.com or connect with me on LinkedIn


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